Friday, December 10, 2010

2nd Post

December 10. 2008

I try to live each day with hope and courage and will not Lyme disease define me as the person I am.  In fact I think I have come to live life fuller and deeper and appreciate each day for as many sicknesses I have come to know with the compromised immune system I have. I also learned about listening more and empathy from my sister whom died at age 54 from advanced Breast Cancer to the bone. She also had RA.
I know people with chronic long term Lyme have worse off Immune dysfunction and are bedridden or worse.  I have had a few of those days but I try to keep moving and living and try to remain postive ( i do have my days of being human and just want to cry a little on the worse days).  Thankfully these have been not that many.
Part of chronic illness can be situational depression.
But I try my best to do everything I can to feel better with professional help from the outside sometimes.
I also know and have also known that physical and mental states go hand and hand.
I have a deep faith and God and so far he has not given me more than I can handle.
That is not to say that many days have been rough and hard on myself and even more so my husband and life partner. To watch the ones you love suffer and linger sometimes is very hard.
I think my attitude that I will feel better and am trying my best gives him assurance and more courage also.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This is my first day setting up and writing a blog

 My name is Marian and I live in Grass Valley, CA-age 51
I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2004.  So many drs. told me it was all in my head and others just "Fibromyalgia"....a garbage can diagnosis when the docs don't know what is really wrong or won't take the time to dive more into it all.  My immune system was always a little funky and I did not even go to a real Lyme knowledge filled professional until after my oldest sister died at age 54 in 2003.
I have so much to tell you all out there but I will leave it for later Blogs!!